Peter Gillis



assistant engineer/engineer at Uptide Recording Studio

worked in various recording studio's - ICP Brussels, Pyramid Brussels, Impuls Leuven, Jet Brussels, etc


Started up Top Recording Studio in Ghent with Alain Vande Putte.

Worked mostly as a 'live band' engineer with an enormous variety of styles.

Humo's Rock Rally, The Skyblasters (reggae), Dirk Blanchart, Kloot Perwez, etc...


Next to the 'live band' recordings started working on various commercial & tv related projects for publicity agencies and various tv stations.


Teaming up with Peter Bauwens, started working as a composer/producer with the first no. 1 hit as a result : ‘He Lekker Beest - Isabelle A’ which topped the charts for several months...


Teaming up with Ronald Vanhuffel for years of production work with several major Belgian bands - The Dinky Toys, Pop In Wonderland, Boyz, ... resulting in years of no. 1 hits in the Belgian charts

Developed the worldwide successful dance-act AB Logic : no. 1 in the Billboard dance charts, platinum sales in Australia and Japan, worldwide tours...


Teamed up with Miguel Wiels as a co-writer/producer resulting in the development of various successful commercial acts : Niels William, Isabelle A, Opium,...


Starting up K3 with Niels William as manager, Miguel Wiels and Alain Vande Putte as co-writers. Since 15 years the top-selling act in Belgium and the Netherlands.


C0-writer and producer for the winner of the tv show Popstars : Vanda Vanda, resulting in no. 1 hits for several weeks.


Producer of several 'Eurosong for Kids' acts for VRT (Luc Standaert), resulting in a major success for 'Thor - Tocht Door Het Donker'

Working as a writer/producer for various production companies - Studio 100, VRT, Zuiderkroon, BMG, EMI, ARS,...


Developing international acts in Germany (Wir3), Italy, France for the releases of the K3 repertoire.


Author-composer and producer of the ‘Junior 2008’ themesong Heyo. Golden award for the ‘Junior 2008’ album.

Music producer for the tv programs Idool, X-Factor, Zo Is Er Maar Een Cup & Nickelodeons ‘Superstar-The Battle’


Producer of the Ketnetpop 2009 album. Author-composer of 2 tracks of the album.

Producer of the ‘Schrijf Er Maar Een’ winner Karre Konfituur.

Composer/producer of the themesong & single for the ‘K2 zoekt K3’ tv show.

Cowriter and producer of the Junior 2009 winner Laura : Zo Verliefd.


Producer and cowriter of the Junior 2010 winners ‘Jill & Lauren’

Producer of the international cd version of Anubis

Producer and cowriter of the first album of the Junior contest winner Laura


Producer and cowriter of the Junior 2010 winner Femke

Producer and cowriter of the Junior 2011 themesong KeyVetCool

Producer and cowriter of the 2nd album of Laura Omloop

K3 musical Alice In Wonderland

Producer of the South African project House Of Davids with Sasha Lee Davids, winner of SA Idols 2009.


Producer and cowriter of the K3 album ‘Engeltjes’

Producer and cowriter of the 3rd album of Laura Omloop ‘Klaar Voor’

Producer and cowriter of the Kathleen album ‘Dag Sinterklaasje’

Producer and cowriter of Junior 2012 : the Lalaladies, Mai-li & Laurens

Producer and cowriter of the Q Music charity song ‘Meneer Konijn’


Producer and cowriter of the K3 album

Producer and cowriter of Junior 2013 : Les Trois, Jellybeans, Emilie & Lotte

Producer and cowriter of the Kathleen album ‘Vlinders’

Producer and cowriter of the new Studio 100 project Prinsessia


Producer and cowriter of K3

Producer of the K3 songs for the animation series

Producer of Prinsessia

Producer of the Wanagogo title track


Participation in the K3 Zoekt K3 auditions

Producer and cowriter of the K3 album


New album K3 Ushuaia


Soundtrack and new album K3 Love Cruise